EFOTT FESTIVAL 2017 EFOTT with its 103.000 visitors is one of the largest and most significant summer festival in Hungary nowadays. However, EFOTT is not only a summer party, the organizers of the festival besides the concerts put a great emphasis on sport, gastronomic and cultural life. Due to these, daytime programs are expanding almost… Read more »


TICKET VALIDITY EFOTT opens on Tuesday 5 pm, 10th July 2018 (Day -1) for visitors with 6-day pass. For everyone else, who doesn’t have 6-day pass EFOTT opens on Wednesday 10 am, 11th July 2018 (Day 0). The guests of the festival need to leave the venue by 10:00 am, 16th July 2018 due to… Read more »


How long are tickets valid for? 6-day passes are valid from Tuesday 2pm, 10th July 2018 till Monday 10 am, 16th July 2018. Daily passes on a certain day is valid till next day 10 am. If you arrive after midnight, you’ll get a daily ticket for the previous day. Daily ticket sale starts after 6… Read more »